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Disinfection & Covid-19 Cleaning, Disinfection Protocol


Tamara considers disinfection to be of utmost importance. Applying makeup is a physically personal process, with unavoidable contact between client/makeup artist, and client/makeup and makeup tools. 

This year, disinfection has become paramount in the personal beauty industry. Tamara strictly follows safety protocol and does everything possible to keep her clients and herself safe.


* Tamara asks that any client who is experiencing symptoms of any illness, Covid-19 related or not, to please reschedule his/her appointment. Tamara takes special precautions by washing and disinfecting her hands before and after every appointment.

* Tamara will wear a face mask with all non-vaccinated clients, and will wear a face mask upon request with all vaccinated clients. Although gloves are challenging to wear while applying makeup, Tamara will wear new, unused gloves for clients who request gloves be worn. 

* Clients are encouraged but not required to wear a face mask when entering the salon until seated in the makeup chair. During application, clients do not wear masks. Once the makeup appointment has completed, clients may wear a mask while exiting the salon if they choose, but are not required to do so. 

Between appointments, all makeup brushes, tools, working surfaces and all makeup itself is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with C3, an EPA-registered, hospital-grade, cosmetology-approved bactericide, fungicide and virucide. It kills 99.9% of germs in 60 seconds. C3 is environmentally friendly and does not contain dangerous poisons. Additionally, Tamara is BARBICIDE® certified. BARBICIDE®, the leader in infection control, is approved by the EPA for efficacy against Human Coronavirus, including COVID-19. Tamara uses BARBICIDE® on non-porous surfaces. In addition, new, clean barrier cloths are used between surfaces and makeup/tools. 

During makeup application, only brand-new, clean sponges are used. Tamara uses a cleaned and disinfected metal spatula to remove cream products from their containers. She then mixes them on a clean, disinfected metal palette. She DOES NOT use the back of her hand as a palette.

* All liquid lip and face products are squeezed onto a clean, disinfected metal palette, or removed from their containers with a clean, disinfected spatula. Tamara does not dip brushes, sponges or applicators into cream or liquid products, as this process causes contamination. Disposable lip applicators are used.

* Mascara is applied only with disposable wands, and a used wand is never placed back into a mascara tube.  

* Brushes are shaken to remove excess powders prior to application. Lash glue is air-dried. Tamara never blows on products or tools.

Please contact Tamara with any questions/concerns about disinfection.

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